Roland AT350C Combo Organ

The Stylish, Travel-Friendly Combo Organ

The new ATELIER Combo AT-350C houses a “greatest hits” lineup of features and sounds, including authentic vintage organ, in a travel-friendly instrument made for the stage. Experience the magic of SuperNATURAL sounds and Virtual Tone Wheel technology under the real-time control of a double-manual keyboard and expressive controllers. Harmonic bars provide a traditional organ experience, while the invisible D Beam controller takes you into the future. Add complete backing tracks to your live show with the built-in library of Musical Styles, or MIDI — or audio — file playback, all with interactive control. Kick live bass with an optional pedalboard. This boundary-breaking instrument sets a new standard in live-performance versatility and borderless musical expression for all ages and musical preferences.

  • - Stylish design, easy to transport
  • - Realtime performance features in a travel-friendly instrument that’s made for the stage
  • - Double-manual keyboard configuration: 49-key upper, 64-key lower
  • - Full harmonic bars for Upper, Lower, Solo, and Bass
  • - Higher-resolution voices powered by Roland’s acclaimed SuperNATURAL technology
  • - D Beam provides unique sound control
  • - Optional accessories: KS-G8/KS-12 keyboard stands, PK-7A 20-key pedalboard, PK-25A 25-key pedalboard
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Roland AT350C Combo Organ
Roland AT350C Combo Organ